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4 Cubic Foot Single Zone
Self-Contained Air-Cooled

Standard Features
• Self-contained air-cooled refrigeration
• Two adjustable stainless steel wire rod shelves
• Independent high-low temperature limit controller
• One 2-inch chamber access port
• Steel Casters
• 208 Volt

• 5.7" Touchscreen Program Logic Controller
• User Friendly Interface
• Part temperature control capability is standard
• Ethernet Communications
• Webserver allows for remote monitoring & operation
• Data Logging

• GPIB communications
• Water cooled refrigeration
• Remote air-cooled refrigeration condenser
• Larger conditioning equipment for larger loads
• Alternative voltage requirement (380/460 Volt is standard)
• Extra data logging inputs
• Purge System


MIL STD Performance
Capable of meeting MIL STD 883 Method 1010.8, Test Condition C with a 2 pound (1 Kg) load of 16 DIP ceramic IC chips, product recovery within 15 minutes.

Fast Change Rate
Using a Patented thermal storage system, this chamber achieves air temperature change rates of more than 30°C per minute based on international standard IEC 60068 3-5.

Part Temperature Control
Provides for faster test specimen change rates.

Temperature Ramping
Linear ramping capability of temperature provides for control of maximum change rates.

Time and Additional Energy Savings
These chambers do not require a periodic defrost cycle so an immediate time and energy savings is realized.

Simplicity and Increased Reliability
The chamber's test workspace is a single zone. The device under test does not move, saving time and eliminating the need for air dampers or a basket transfer system and the associated control systems.

The refrigeration systems use electronic control valves for enhanced performance and improved reliability.

Compact Footprint Saves Space in Your Lab
This self-contained chamber has a small footprint occupying just eighteen square feet of floor space.

Interior Workspace Dimensions s
4 Cubic Feet (113 Liters)
19.5"Wide X 20" Deep X 18" High
50 cm X 51 cm X 46 cm

Exterior Dimensions
49" Wide X 53" Deep X 69" High
125 cm X 135 cm X 175 cm

-75°C to +200°C

200/208 Volts
50/60 Hertz 3 Phase

Specifications subject to change without notice.
US Patent Numbers 66161391 and US6463055B1


4 Cubic Foot Specifications PDF
Chamber Overview PDF



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